Dodecafluoropentane Emulsion (DDFPe) as a Resuscitation Fluid for Treatment of Hemorrhagic Shock and Traumatic Brain Injury: A Review

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DocumentDodecafluoropentane emulsion (DDFPe) is a novel nanotechnology for oxygen delivery with therapeutic potential for hemorrhagic shock and/or traumatic brain injury (TBI). DDFPe demonstrates efficacy at smaller doses than previously tested perfluorocarbon oxygen therapeutics. This smaller dose potentially eliminates toxicities exhibited by previous oxygen therapeutics, while anti-inflammatory properties of DDFPe may alleviate damage from ischemia reperfusion injury. This mini-review summarizes our progress in developing a battle-field ready product to prevent combat death due to hemorrhagic shock and/or TBI.

Perfluorocarbon NVX-428 reduced secondary brain injury in a Swine Model of Traumatic Brain Injury

Adobe Acrobat Reader DocumentThis poster was presented at the National Neurotrauma Society Meeting, Snowbird, Utah, on July 11th, 2017. In this swine model of TBI, administration of DDFPe resulted in lower injury scores for spongiosis and ischemic neurons in the cerebellum as well as a decreased number of Fluoro-Jade B positive purkinje cells. This data suggests that DDFPe may play a role in mitigating secondary brain damage.

Perfluorocarbon NVX-108 Increased Cerebral Oxygen Tension after Traumatic Brain Injury in rats.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DocumentHypoxia is a critical secondary injury mechanism in traumatic brain injury (TBI), and early intervention to alleviate post-TBI hypoxia may be beneficial. NVX-108, a dodecafluoropentane perfluorocarbon, was screened for its ability to increase brain tissue oxygen tension (PbtO2) when administered soon after TBI. NVX-108 caused an increase in PbtO2 following controlled cortical impact TBI in rats and should be evaluated further as a possible immediate treatment for TBI. Dated: 2016