Hypoxia Due to Shunts in Pig Lung Treated with O2 and Fluorocarbon-derived Intravascular Microbubbles

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DocumentThe results suggest that intravascular administration of a DDFPe and oxygen breathing may be beneficial in severe right-to-left shunting in humans. Dated: 2010

Cardiovascular drug delivery with ultrasound and microbubbles

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DocumentMicrobubbles lower the threshold for cavitation of ultrasound and have multiple potential therapeutic application in the cardiovascular system. Dated: 2014

Dodecafluoropentane (DDFPe) and Decompression Sickness-Related Mortality in Rats

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DocumentDodecafloropentane emulsion (DDFPe) is not indicated in the treatment of decompression injury. In the setting of rapid decompression from a hyperbaric environment, it is likely that DDFPe's microbubbles act as nuclei for the formation of larger bubbles. DDFPe, because of its quasi-bubble state, is able to transfer far more oxygen than other materials and shows great promise in other indications such as stroke, heart attack, cancer, traumatic brain injury, blood loss, sickle cell crisis, and other conditions. However, it seems that treatment of decompression injury is not appropriate. This research provided a better understanding of the mechanism of action of DDFPe. Dated: 2015

Human pharmacokinetics of a perfluorocarbon ultrasound contrast agent evaluated with gas chromatography.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DocumentThe purpose of this study was to prospectively study the human pharmacokinetics of an ultrasound (US) contrast agent through its active ingredient, dodecafluoropentane (DDFP). In expired air, DDFP concentration exhibited a biexponential decay. The percentage of recovery was 98 +/- 19% at 2 h. No extraneous peaks were observed, indicating no detectable DDFP metabolites. It was concluded that DDFP pharmacokinetics in blood fitted to an open one-compartment model with a fast elimination half-life. Recovery in expired air was almost complete 2 h after administration. Dated: 2001

Dodecafluoropentane (DDFP) tissue distribution following IV administration in New Zealand white rabbits.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DocumentVery high doses of DDFP were injected into New Zeland white rabbits. DDFP promptly reaches the brain and concentrations rise in all tissues with multiple doses. Future studies will develop a dosing regimen to optimize a wide range of therapeutic effects in ischemic states and minimize toxicity. Dated: 2014

Blood Pharmacokinetics Of Dodecafluoropentane Following Administration Of Dodecafluoropentane Emulsion To Rabbits

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DocumentDDFPe was injected into rabbits and blood samples were taken over time. A 2-compartment model was the best fit to the DDFP blood concentration-time profiles in each of the animals tested. A rapid distribution phase followed by a longer elimination phase was observed. In this species, the distribution phase half-life was 1.15 ± 0.6 min while the elimination half-life was 13.5 ± 11 min (N=4) Dated: 2015

The theory and application of intravascular microbubbles as an ultra-effective means of transporting oxygen and other gases.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DocumentAbstract - Theoretically, volume-stabilized microbubbles may effectively support gas exchange between lungs and tissues. Subcapillary sized bubbles can be generated by i.v. injection of an emulsion of dodecafluoropentane (DDFP). The feasibility of this method for life-sustaining oxygen supply has now been demonstrated in five studies. The efficiency of the microbubbles for O2 transport is underscored by the extremely small doses (0.002-0.014 ml/kg body weight) of DDFP, in the form of a 2% emulsion, which were used in these experimental studies. Dated: 2004

In Vitro Comparison of Dodecafluoropentane (DDFP), Perfluorodecalin (PFD), and Perfluoroctylbromide (PFOB)

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DocumentThis study prepared 2% weight/volume emulsions of dodecafluoropentane, perfluorodecalin, and perfluoroctylbromide and compare them for their ability to absorb oxygen. DDFPe showed superior oxygen carrying capability. Dated: 2010

Dodecafluoropentane Emulsion Elicits Cardiac Protection Against Myocardial Infarction

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DocumentDodecafluoropentane Emulsion Elicits Cardiac Protection Against Myocardial Infarction Through an ATP-Sensitive K+ Channel Dependent Mechanism. Dated: 2014

Effects of Perfluorocarbon Dodecafluoropentane (NVX-108) on Cerebral Microvasculature in the Healthy Rat

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DocumentEffects of Perfluorocarbon Dodecafluoropentane (NVX-108) on Cerebral Microvasculature in the Healthy Rat. Dated: 2014

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